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Better business plans are not the answer to the entrepreneurship riddle. Yet the majority of courses still teach it as the first step to successful innovation.


Entrepreneurship is not about executing an unproven plan, but about exploring the uncertainty around market needs and solutions. And that activity requires a whole new set of principles and tools.


The Course turns the traditional model on its head and gives entrepreneurs the kind of tools and training that'll get them away from their desks and into the field.

Say goodbye

to old tools.

Right things in

the right order.

Instead of teaching business plans, we train entrepreneurs on business models. Why? Because we recognize that ideas are full of unproven assumptions, and that entrepreneurs need to get out and test them first before they can make plans.
The Course is built on the popular lean startup book, Nail It Then Scale It, by Dr. Nathan Furr and Paul Ahlstrom. It has become the preferred guidebook for founders looking to break free from the traditional business plan and increase the chances of building successful startups.

The Course is sponsored by Dr. Nathan Furr of INSEAD, one of the world's top-ranked business schools. So if it's cutting-edge curriculum that you want, we've got you covered.


Through the course, founders take their own original ideas, guide them through the process of business model validation, and ultimately launch their idea or pivot to another.

The doctor is in the house.

Tap into our global network.

Entrepreneurs don't want to learn theory alone. They also want to hear from those battling in the trenches. So we've partnered with Startup Grind to bring their global startup community straight to our digital classroom. 


With interviews and documentaries, Startup Grind shares best practices of founders, investors, and innovators from all over the world as they share their stories of success and failure.

(McKay Thomas, Founder of and First Opinion)

The majority of entrepreneurship courses are either too theoretical or too practical. This course is very different. We've partnered with the best of both the academic and pracitioner communities to produce a blend that highlights each field's unique strengths and contributions.


And what's the result? Content that beautifully balances both groups of thought in a way that is refreshingly complimentary and powerfully reinforcing.

A healthy balance?

Consider it struck.

Leave the

updates to us.

The world changes so fast, especially in disciplines like entrepreneurship and innovation. And regularly updating your curriculum to stay relevant can become a real hassle for you and your team. So we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry for you.


We constantly adapt our content to remain relevant with changes in the industry and in entrepreneurs' interests. That way, you can focus on all the other important things in your organization.

The Big Idea Course is such a perfect marriage of academic research and practitioner experience that organizations in a variety of disciplines are using it to educate innovators, including incubators, accelerators, VC firms, universities, and corporations throughout the world.


Consequently, individuals taking the course can even increase their chances of being accepted into mentoring programs or obtaining funding from investors down the road.

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